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[dropcap3]OUR GOAL[/dropcap3]at Homan, Stone & Rossi is to aggressively protect the interests of our clients in a professional and cost effective manner. Our attorneys do not simply try cases. In this day and age of complex mass tort litigation, Homan, Stone and Rossi serves as regional and national coordinating counsel for a variety of clients which include manufacturers and suppliers of home care and improvement products, computer software companies, national retailers and major restaurant chains. We also possess the technological infrastructure to manage and litigate extremely high exposure and complex matters.

Homan, Stone & Rossi’s firm’s members are active in a variety of organizations devoted to promoting excellence in the practice of law. These include the California Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Southern and Northern California Fraud Investigator’s Association, the California Employer’s Group and the American Arbitration Association. Our attorneys regularly serve as arbitrators or pro tem judges by appointment of the court. Our firm’s legal expertise is evidenced by the frequent appearance of our attorneys as lecturers and panelists on programs sponsored the local Bar Associations and private groups, including the Continuing Education of the Bar, the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and the Fraud Investigators Association.

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We possess the technological infrastructure to manage and litigate extremely high exposure and complex matters.