Nan Homan

Nan Homan is the Accounts Manager at Homan, Stone & Rossi. She has been working with Homan, Stone & Rossi for more than a decade and reports directly to the Managing Partner. Nan manages a finance team relating to e-billing platforms, including CounselLink, Quovant, Collaborati, Legal-X Bottomline Technology, Legal Solutions Suite, DXC Technology, and TyMetrix 360. Nan also handles the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and is in charge of generating the monthly, quarterly and yearly management reports. Nan’s top priorities are Homan, Stone & Rossi clients and responding to all client billing-related questions.

Nan Homan is also a California Certified Court Reporter with more than two decades of experience. She is a member with the NCRA, OCTLA, RIMS, FIRMA, & ASCDC.